MISSION STATEMENT: Welcome to my Blog! My goal with this blog is to inform and to inspire my sixty plus readers! You are never to old to exercise! Keep moving! All opinions, thoughts and statements are mine based on 70 years of living! Injuries and surgeries past and present will be discussed! If I recommend a product or a lifestyle change it is something that I myself have used or have experienced! All nutrients and supplements I recommend may appear to be harmless but please check with your MD! Some may interfere with your current medications! This blog will be ongoing! Posts will be made when I feel I have worthwhile opinions, thoughts and statements! I may go back and review past posts to make changes if I feel necessary! Before undertaking any exercise routine please check with your health care provider!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


HEALTH/FITNESS: " Health is wealth" ! If you smoke--Quit! Smoking ages you internally and externally! Causes strokes, heart disease and many different cancers! A close friend of mine suffered a stroke three years ago, his doctor told him without hesitation that smoking caused his stroke. He immediately went from 1-2 packs a day to zero packs a day. Good for him and his family with whom I am very close! When you quit smoking your health improves immediately.
Be active! Jogging is excellent, but at 65 I can no longer jog so I walk or ride the stationary bike! I envy those 50 plus people who are still able to jog! Jumping rope is a great exercise and fun to do to music. Could be tough on the knees, be careful. Swimming is an excellent activity to tone and burn calories without putting stress on your joints! I plan to start swimming! My surgeon recommended doing cardio for 30 min every day and that was 17 yrs ago. It does not have to be continuous, break it up; take the stairs, walk briskly to your car,etc.
Weight Train to maintain muscle mass and to tone! Dumbbells and an adjustable bench is all that is needed! Biceps, triceps, chest, back, legs and shoulders can all be worked by doing 1-3 exercises per muscle group! Don't forget the abs! Simple crunches would be a good start.

  • Perform 1-3 sets, 
  • 12-15 reps per set of each exercise! 
When you reach 3 sets, 15 reps comfortably, increase the weight! Joining a gym would be ideal to get professional instruction and also from the social aspect to meet people who have the same goals as you!

Breakfast is a meal you should not miss! It jump starts your metabolism! It should consist of protein, some carbs and fat! My typical breakfast is one egg, or egg whites, 1/2 bagel or whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter, 1-2 cups of coffee. I have no more then two eggs per week. I may also have on a non egg day some whole wheat or oatmel pancakes with some turkey bacon without nitrates or nitrites!! You can find pancakes that do not contain any HFC!

Lunch: Tuna or chicken salad on whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato and an apple.

I may have a protein shake later that day.

Dinner: Chicken breast, lean beef, salad, or pork chop with vegetables! Maybe a glass of red wine or a light beer.

I really try to avoid eating anything past 7-8 PM!

Chocolate and sweets are my weakness so I try to minimize my intake. Not easy!