MISSION STATEMENT: Welcome to my Blog! My goal with this blog is to inform and to inspire my sixty plus readers! You are never to old to exercise! Keep moving! All opinions, thoughts and statements are mine based on 70 years of living! Injuries and surgeries past and present will be discussed! If I recommend a product or a lifestyle change it is something that I myself have used or have experienced! All nutrients and supplements I recommend may appear to be harmless but please check with your MD! Some may interfere with your current medications! This blog will be ongoing! Posts will be made when I feel I have worthwhile opinions, thoughts and statements! I may go back and review past posts to make changes if I feel necessary! Before undertaking any exercise routine please check with your health care provider!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I am considering going to a Joint and Spine Center that takes an integrative multi discipline approach to joint pain other then surgery and pain killers. My knee pain is my major concern. I don't need to run, a simple jog would be nice, or jumping rope if I am not able to run. I have had chronic lower back pain for years resulting from a hairline fracture in a lower vertebrae. Thumb pain from a fracture during high school wrestling, elbow pain from - who knows what, wrist pain! I suspect I will be told it is from a degenerative/arthritic process caused by the aging process.

Monday, September 23, 2013


I had a peculiar chest discomfort all day Sat, even contemplated going to the hospital. It was not an across the chest pain, there was no pain in my arms or shoulders, no shortness of breath. I realized the pain was located almost at the intersection of my two surgical incisions made during my bypass surgery, tender to the touch. It finall y subsided. Then this morning I realized what probably caused the discomfort: the exercise known as "dips." That is where you hoist yourself up between two parallel bars, elbows at 90 degrees and you raise to 180 degrees and lower yourself back to 90 degrees, repeat, a great tricep and shoulder exercise. The exercise puts pressure exactly on the spot where the discomfort was located. I realized this as I was doing them this am. Remember: I don't recommend self diagnosis, if you have any prolonged chest discomfort please notify your physician or call 911!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


 This country has an obsession with obesity especially among children. This obsession is a good thing. Yet many of our TV ads feature fast food and family restaurants, many endorsed by pro athletes and celebrities showing meals that easily contain 1000-1500 calories, that's before drinks and dessert.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


" Fighting the battle" was the response of a friend of mine at the gym this am when I asked him how were things going? Name your battle: aging, according to Betty Davis "old age ain't no place for sissies" fighting it is impossible but you can slow it down; don't smoke, don't  drink alcohol excessively, wear sunblock, and exercise! Are you battling joint/muscle pain? If the pain/ discomfort continues after ice/heat visit your doctor. Depression? Surround yourself with family, friends, listen to music, and what I found to be of great help- exercise. If your depression continues visit your doctor. In some cases medication may be needed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Obviously most of my posts relate to being 60 plus! Although some posts will be passing thoughts about well let's just say "things" that enter my thought processes. These thoughts may occur while driving, at the gym, walking, watching TV, lying in bed. I will express only the thoughts that hopefully assist you! All of my thoughts for the most part are just my opinions. Here is an example: While watching the news early this am I saw a channel with the heading "Larry King Special" "Larry King investigates Omega XL. "  It caught my interest because I take Omega's, not XL just plain old Omegas. Lately the benefits of taking Omega's have come under scrutiny so this investigation by Mr King caught my attention. If I was not mistaken and I could have been, this appeared to be nothing but one huge infomercial! I called the toll free number, thought it was very expensive for an omega supplement. You also get the hard sell. Before you purchase any omega supplement please check with your doctor. Thoughts and opinions similar to this one I plan to share with you!