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Monday, November 11, 2013


I waited 12 days to post because I wanted to obtain my blood work results and my nuclear stress test results. My blood work results were very good. The numbers I was mainly concerned with was Cholesterol which was 128, HDL 43, LDL 72,  remember I take 80 mg Zocor, which is a high dosage, Triglycerides 66 and my PSA was 1.21! Many other numbers were involved which were all within normal-good range.
My stress test went very well. Almost 15 minutes on the treadmill with progressively increasing incline and speed. My angioplasty and bypass surgery was 17 seventen years ago next month. My doctor told me the average by pass lasts 10 yrs, I didn't know that piece of information. I asked him what is the longest time he has ever experienced from a bypass patient ? His answer- "17 years" !  He recommended a heart catherization to check for blockages with a possibility of another angioplasty if a problem exists. The first one 17 yrs ago failed within two months followed by bypass. "Whoa" was my response! "I feel very good, my exercise routine involves weight training, a cardio workout which could be riding the stationary bike, walking on the treadmill, hitting the heavy bag HARD, jumping rope, only for a minute or two because of my knees and swimming, does that sound like a bad heart to you"? We compromised, I will be back in four months. He wtote me a prescription for nitro glycerin which I didn't need 17 yrs ago when I had a serious blockage. I know my body better then anybody, believe me, if I feel anything out of the ordinary I will call the doctor ASAP!
I also realize that some bypass patients unfortunately resume their bad habits which may include: smoking, eating poorly and lack of exercise.