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Friday, December 27, 2013


Androzene is another male enhancement product. I called the 800 number and after listening to  a tape that was  repeated twice I spoke to the customer service rep. I was startled at the $120.00 plus price, even if I bought three it would average about $83.00 per bottle plus high shipping costs. Many of these products that claim to increase your sexual desire, excitement and your orgasm contain similar products. I was offered  a special deal that was not offered to anybody else according to the representative. A simple return process is stated on their web site with the guidance of a customer representative. If it is so simple why the need for a customer rep? I am guessing that they try to dissuade you from returning the product. After a twenty minute conversation I ask if there were any side effects and I mentioned that I have heart disease. " Then you should not use the product" he said. I suggested that customer service reps should ask at the beginning of the conversation if the caller has any medical conditions that would preclude the use of Androzene. Please, with any of these male enhancement products if you are having any issues consult with your physician. If you don't smoke, exercise, maintain a healthy weight and eat well, you may never need a male enhancement product.