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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I have already posted that I have a low T level. I have also posted about two products that have a automatic delivery, automatic bill to your credit card which I highly oppose. Many of these products contain a "proprietary blend"  but many of these blends contain one or more of the same substances such as Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus terrestris, and others in various amounts. I have already posted that I suspect because of my low T level I don't have the energy and strength I had just several years ago. There are ways you can attempt to naturally boost your T level before you submit to taking any of the OTC or infomercial products: lose weight, high intensity exercise, increase your vitamin D and zinc intake, increase your intake of branch chain amino acids by way of whey protein, limit sugar, don't smoke, and consume the good fats. I spoke to a very nice customer service rep from one of the products I saw in a health food store to inquire about any risks by a person such as me with heart disease. I said there was no mention of any risks involved with the product. Some of the products I saw had certain risks if you had heart disease, cancer or any other medical conditions. She told me and what I have been saying to all my viewers-  speak with your physician before you take any T booster supplement. My next visit to my primary physician and cardiologist is in March/April and I will definitely inquire about these products. Google has a tremendous amount of information on T boosters including the products themselves, reviews, ingredients, etc. In the meantime I will try to boost my T level naturally.