MISSION STATEMENT: Welcome to my Blog! My goal with this blog is to inform and to inspire my sixty plus readers! You are never to old to exercise! Keep moving! All opinions, thoughts and statements are mine based on 70 years of living! Injuries and surgeries past and present will be discussed! If I recommend a product or a lifestyle change it is something that I myself have used or have experienced! All nutrients and supplements I recommend may appear to be harmless but please check with your MD! Some may interfere with your current medications! This blog will be ongoing! Posts will be made when I feel I have worthwhile opinions, thoughts and statements! I may go back and review past posts to make changes if I feel necessary! Before undertaking any exercise routine please check with your health care provider!

Friday, April 25, 2014


The Gym, aka, the Health Club, Fitness Center, Rec Center, for me is more then an assortment of weights, machines, etc., it is an assortment of personalities. Most of the members of my gym, male and female, are very nice, helpful and pleasant. Even the members that are working out intensely will answer your question about a particular exercise. A simple "good morning" a few months ago becomes "how was your weekend" and a friendship ensues.
Beyond the perspiration there is the inspiration! The man in his late eighties who takes 25 minutes to walk with the help of his cane  from the locker room to the entrance where his wife is waiting in the car. The elderly couple who always walks hand in hand to the men's locker room entrance where she recruits a male member to walk her husband to the pool - because he is blind. The group of mentally challenged members enjoying a cardio and resistant machine workout. The man whom I already mentioned in a previous post who is trying very diligently to recover from a broken neck. He has made great strides! The woman in her eighties who will not hesitate to ask me or another member to remove 45 lb plates from a machine where another member momentarily forgot proper gym etiquette. The group of 60's plus who prefer group workouts in the  pool to the gym.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Do not be duped by this advertising/marketing ploy from a weight loss company. The loss of the  first five pounds of any weight loss/exercise plan are the easiest. It is the next five, ten, fifteen pounds and more that are more challenging and difficult. If you do not exercise and eat poorly, just by walking every day for 20-30 minutes and slightly changing your eating habits for the better, you will lose five pounds quite rapidly. Then a lifestyle change needs to be implemented to continue your success.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Unfortunately sadness and depression are a part of life. We cannot escape them! After losing two very dear friends, one in October and another in February, both emotions have been knocking at my door! I fight each one with EXERCISE! Exercise produces endorphins which are produced in the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus during exercise- whether at the gym or while taking a nice walk. Endorphins have the ability to promote a feeling of wellness, a boost in mood and lower rates of depression. If the sadness and depression remain a visit to the MD may be necessary because a chemical imbalance may be at play.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This is a follow up to a series of integrative treatments I had received for joint discomfort in my lower back, knees, wrist and elbow. Located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, the center is called Total Health Care Joint and Spine Centers. My treatments lasted from Oct- Feb, 3x per week. Many insurance plans are accepted. There may be similar homeopathic centers in your area. The treatments included chiropractic, physical therapy, Supartz injections and Zeel homeopathic injections. Supartz is the trade name for sodium hyaluronate a component of synovial fluid which acts as a lubricant and shock absorber for the joints. The injections were made at the varying locations they were treating but were virtually painless because of a numbing spray that was applied before the injection. Synovial fluid decreases with age and trauma. Zeel is a combination of botanical substances to reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joints. Please google both products for any adverse effects. The staff was excellent in their  knowledge and care. I also continue to take my chondroitin /glucosamine and a powdered form of collagen. My estimated decrease in discomfort is 30-40 percent.


Again I want to post about being aware of any unusual changes in your body! A friend of mine at the gym, a very nice guy, funny, complained to me a couple of weeks ago about unusual disorientation he would experience at the gym and at other times. I asked him some very basic questions: are you taking any meds, could it be high or low blood pressure, high or low blood sugar? He didn't think so! We both agreed he should see a doctor. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor, thankfully it is operable and gets operated on April 14th and all should be fine. At 60 plus you know what your body should feel like, anything out of the ordinary should be checked by your doctor.

Monday, April 7, 2014


I don't care for peanut butter cookies but I do enjoy peanut butter! Go figure! Peanut Butter and HFC free jelly on organic bread with some skim or low fat milk for lunch is a quick healthy energized snack/meal. I am sure by 60 plus you will have realized if you have any allergies to peanuts or other nuts. But once again buying peanut butter is no longer a simple choice. My mission was to find in my opinion the healthiest choice of peanut butter for my viewers/followers and myself. I looked at labels and googled ingredients. I shopped many brands from the name brands to the store brand generics. Simply put: less is more! The less ingredients the more healthy it is for you. I needed to avoid peanut butter with sugar, palm oil and EDTA and a host of other preservatives. This was no easy task! SMUCKERS NATURAL WINS! A little more in price but a healthier choice and this is what my blog is all about.