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Friday, April 25, 2014


The Gym, aka, the Health Club, Fitness Center, Rec Center, for me is more then an assortment of weights, machines, etc., it is an assortment of personalities. Most of the members of my gym, male and female, are very nice, helpful and pleasant. Even the members that are working out intensely will answer your question about a particular exercise. A simple "good morning" a few months ago becomes "how was your weekend" and a friendship ensues.
Beyond the perspiration there is the inspiration! The man in his late eighties who takes 25 minutes to walk with the help of his cane  from the locker room to the entrance where his wife is waiting in the car. The elderly couple who always walks hand in hand to the men's locker room entrance where she recruits a male member to walk her husband to the pool - because he is blind. The group of mentally challenged members enjoying a cardio and resistant machine workout. The man whom I already mentioned in a previous post who is trying very diligently to recover from a broken neck. He has made great strides! The woman in her eighties who will not hesitate to ask me or another member to remove 45 lb plates from a machine where another member momentarily forgot proper gym etiquette. The group of 60's plus who prefer group workouts in the  pool to the gym.