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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Still very distraught over my dear friend's death from alcoholism in Feb, 2014 and hearing sad stories from friends and acquaintances about similar instances, I needed answers. I believe people do not process drugs and alcohol the same way. Why do some people throw away their lives to satisfy their hunger for alcohol and drugs? While other people having a glass or two of wine is not a problem. I knew my friend suffered from an addiction that AA meetings could not help because she did not want to be helped. Her addiction was that powerful.  The answers may lie in a  substance in the brain labeled THIQ, short for tetrahydroisquinolone, a metabolism byproduct of acetaldehyde. A genetic predisposition may exist for this substance. According to what I have read it is a highly addictive substance that accumulates in the brain of an alcoholic. The more we use alcohol and/or drugs the more THIQ we develop and the more we need. As it accumulates the disease of addiction progresses.
 Alcohol also releases Endorphins, small proteins with opiate like effects that produce feelings of pleasure and reward.

I would recommend to Google THIQ and "Endorphins and Alcohol Addiction" to better understand the possible addiction process caused by these substances. There are conflicting reports in THIQ's dynamics in the role of alcoholism. It has been in and out of favor over the past twenty years. I believe it is back in favor as a possible cause for addictions!