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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I received my blood work from the  physical that I had Oct 17th and I was not happy! Although my overall results were decent including my PSA, my total cholesterol increased 35 points from one year ago and my LDL, the bad cholesterol increased 23 points, my HDL the good cholesterol did increase. My eating and exercise habits virtually remained unchanged over the past year, so what happened? I know that stress can cause a rise in cholesterol because of an increase in cortisone and adrenaline. My stress levels have remained about the same except for one thing---Grief!  What about Grief ? Grief related stress can raise blood pressure, heart rate and  levels of cortisol. I have lost two very dear friends over the past year and within four months of each other! " For some people, the shock and stress of bereavement may even bring on a heart attack "! This quote is from Health.com, 2012. I am still grieving; hopefully being mitigated by exercise, reading, family, good friends, and time! My next physical is in April and I hope my numbers will be better!