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Friday, March 27, 2015


 I was diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive capsulitis, which is an inflamed shoulder capsule and connective tissue affecting the shoulder joint, in 2007, it was very painful and made normal activity such as putting my belt through my pant loops painful and difficult!  I am theorizing it was caused by repeated wide grip incline bench presses. Self induced therapy included no activity except for walking and basic stretching exercises for my shoulders for several weeks. Then I began using very low weight, high reps with dumbbells when I finally decided to go back to the gym and no bench presses in any fashion for quite some time! The question now is whether my discomfort is due to rotator cuff tendonitis: affecting the tendons and muscles that help move the shoulder joint, bursitis: inflammation of the bursa; small fluid filled sacs that cushion bones, tendons and muscles; or shoulder impingement syndrome: an impingement of tendons or bursa ? Confusing? Obtaining a true diagnosis will require possible x-rays, ultra sounds, and MRIs. There is discomfort but no extreme pain as in frozen shoulder! Repeated overhead activity in my opinion is the underlying cause for all the preceding ailments! Rest and cold compresses will help! Taking an anti-inflammatory is a common treatment. The doctor would probably have me eliminate both standing and seated presses, pull ups and possibly dips and not do any exercises that would raise my arms above my shoulders! I will make changes immediately, including rest to some extent!  If my discomfort persists I will visit the doctor! After my knee surgery!