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Friday, September 11, 2015


The verdict is finally in! I needed to heed my own advice and consequently sought medical advice after several months of discomfort! A visit to an orthopedist, a shoulder specialist, three sets of X rays confirmed I have rotator cuff impingement! As mentioned in a previous post this was one of several conditions I had mentioned I may have! It was not bicep tendonitis, bursitis or a feared rotator cuff tear! Impingement is where your tendons are compressed or impinged during shoulder movements resulting in discomfort! The cause in my opinion may be years of overhead movements from various activities. Treatment is simple: ice, basic stretching exercises that target the area and OTC pain medication. I always stretch and hold between sets of exercises, now I will hold longer and repeat more often. Temporally I will eliminate overhead exercises! I did receive a cortisone injection.