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Monday, May 2, 2016


In Sept, 2014 I posted about krill oil vs fish oil! Both excellent sources of omega's 3's, the good fats, known as EPA, DHA, ALA! I opted for fish oil because of the added expense for krill oil. After doing some light research I now take Omega's 3 Krill Oil 300 mg! Here are some of my reasons: krill, a tiny shrimp like creature are rich in omega's 3's and in abundant supply unlike the big predatory fish that supply fish oil;  krill is rich in anti oxidants and krill does not accumulate mercury! Krill oil is much more easily absorbed in the body! The added expense is not that much higher then fish oil unless you obtain your krill oil from an infomercial! Be aware! People with shell fish or seafood allergies should avoid fish and krill oil! Also people on blood thinners should also avoid these oils! Always consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplements!!