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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


As we age nutrients become more important! Maybe because we eat less as we age we are getting less nutrients! Magnesium is a crucial mineral for our body's function! It helps keeps blood pressure normal, heart rhythm steady, bones strong and proper muscle function plus many other benefits! Although severe deficiencies are rare many experts believe people in the US are not eating enough magnesium rich foods! If you abuse alcohol, have kidney disease, Crohn's disease, take certain antibiotics or drugs your magnesium levels may be mitigated! Soda, sugars, bad carbs and stress can lower magnesium levels and a lack of magnesium can magnify stress! Anxiety, getting and staying asleep, muscle spasms, cramping and other issues may be a symptom of a lack of magnesium in your diet! Foods that contain magnesium are green leafy veggies like spinach; nuts, peas, soybeans and whole grain foods! Blood serum tests can inform you of your magnesium levels! There is also a delicate balance between magnesium intake and calcium intake, "they have actions that oppose each other yet they function as a team"!  Proper ratios between the two nutrients are important! Magnesium does have it's side effects, risks, negative interactions and overdosing is possible, magnesium overdosing can be fatal! PLEASE DISCUSS WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER! I take a vitamin/mineral supplement that contains all nutrients! I also apply a transdermal liquid magnesium  that I massage into sore muscles!