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Friday, March 3, 2017


After undergoing Suparz injections, cortisone injections and Orthovisc injections , previously posted, to alleviate my left knee pain with no noticeable results, my last resort was injections of PRP, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma! It was done on Feb 22, it takes 3-6 weeks to fully feel the effects and you are not guaranteed positive results! Your blood is drawn and put into a centrifuge where the blood is separated into plasma and platelets! The platelets were injected into my left knee to promote the healing of injured tendons, muscles and joints! The whole process takes less then an hour! The injection itself is a very long 30 seconds, give or take a few seconds! It is not pleasurable, regardless of what you read! The next 3-5 days your knee is sore! I will report the results in several weeks! Just to let you know my insurance did not cover the procedure, some insurance companies do! I will appeal and hopefully recover some of my $800.00 out of pocket expense!