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Friday, July 21, 2017


After undergoing many non invasive procedures, as told in aforementioned posts to avoid knee replacement surgery unfortunately it may be inevitable! My MD's predict within twelve months! I am in constant discomfort 24/7! I was prescribed Voltaren Gel to ease the pain, after three weeks I chose to discontinue, no relief! Plus to many side effects for a person with my cardiac history! Arthritis is the main culprit, although I can do certain moves with very little knee discomfort I also believe I have extensive soft tissue damage! I do have meniscus issues! I have constant "pins and needles" in my feet and was told to see a neurologist because it's a nerve issue! I believe it's related to my knee issues! It was suggested I see an acupuncturist, I have my doubts! I have already spent $800.00 out of pocket for a PRP injection! Any suggestions would be appreciated!